Bedroom Formula: How to Decorate a Main Bedroom

Bedroom Formula: How to Decorate a Main Bedroom

Designing a luxurious bedroom is as easy as following our go-to bedroom formula. In this step-by-step guide, we'll walk you through each essential element of our designer bedroom formula. Let's break it down!

1. The Bed

Begin by selecting the perfect bed for your main bedroom. Take into account the room's ceiling height. Four-poster and canopy beds are perfect for vaulted ceilings or ceilings 12’ or higher. The extended legs will elevate the surface, bring that ceiling height down low, and create some visual interest at that upper eye level.

For a more standard ceiling height or 10’ or lower, opt for a bed with a lower headboard height to maintain balance.

2. The Nightstand

Your choice of nightstand is crucial. Consider scale when you're shopping for your nightstands. For larger rooms, a bulkier, dresser-like nightstand will fill the space, while in a smaller room, a single drawer or small table will feel better.

Functional yet visually striking, the nightstand should seamlessly integrate with your room's overall aesthetic. This is a great furniture piece to add character through detailing or textural surfaces.

3. Lamps

Moving up from the nightstand, you're going to want a bedside lamp. Your lamp should offer both a functional reading light and create cozy ambient lighting in the evening.

If you are short on space, you can also opt for a wall lamp or sconce. These can be plug in or hardwired depending on your electricity setup and outlet availability.

4. Pillows and Bedding

The bed is your canvas; adorn it with a curated collection of pillows and bedding. For your duvet cover, timeless white adds crispness and cleanliness to your room while ensuring versatility for future design changes. By keeping this quiet, you can add color into your bedding with pillows.

Your pillows are typically what creates a focal point for your bedroom. Start the collection with comfortable sleeping pillows (a must that should be noted). Introduce bed-sized decorative pillows – the pillows that go in the shams from your set.

From here layer in throw pillows that align with your chosen color palette. The size of your bed will determine how many pillows you include. For a king bed, we like to layer in three Euro pillows, followed by two smaller square throw pillows, then a smaller square throw pillow or lumbar pillow in front.

Vary the colors, patterns, and textures by row within your room’s color palette. Complete the look with an end-of-bed blanket, adding an extra layer of comfort and luxury.

5. End-of-Bed Seat

The final thing we love to include within our main bedroom spaces is an end-of-bed seat – either as a bench or a chest. These are amazing additions to your room if you are a parent because this is the perfect place for kids to sleep when they need to come into your room at night if they're sick or scared. It also can be a great place to fold laundry or watch television if you don't want to do it in your bed. Trust us, it's a must!

This method has been honed over the years into the well-defined bedroom formula it is today that balances aesthetics and practicality. By paying attention to each element—the bed, nightstand, lamps, bedding, and the end-of-bed bench—you'll transform your space into a haven that exudes luxury and comfort.